Hyperventilation Syndrome

Millions of people around the world suffer from Hyperventilation Syndrome.

That's right. If you came across this site because you are one of them, then know you are not alone. One in ten people have had or still have a form of hyperventilation and a large number of them develop this into what we've come to know as Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome.

To this day Hyperventilation Syndrome has been largely underestimated and is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed by medical professionals. The symptoms are very diverse and often very scary.

It's not rare that patients end up with a cardiologist or neurologist with all the fears of possibly having a severe heart condition, to end up with a negative diagnosis. Fortunately a negative diagnosis ofcourse, but then what. Patients are often left in confusement because nothing seems to be wrong with them physically, but yet the symptoms feel all too real.

Is there a cure?

Many ways of relieve can be found to fight Hyperventilation Syndrome, but most are targeted at the symptoms. The ones that target the cause are usually focused at a patients mental state of anxiety, stress and fears. However, in many cases of Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome the causes of anxiety, stress and or fears are already in the past. The only problem left seems to be their breating center.

During the years of suffering from Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome the breating center has had to deal with very low carbon dioxyde levels (co2) and decided to eventually accept this lower value of co2 as the normal value to maintain. Their own breathing center doesn't know it's doing anything wrong. It has simply been set to a different level of co2. It has been found the root in many cases of Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and re-training the breathing center to accept higher values is the only remedy to go back to a symptom-free life. This site and the therapy it offers can help them do that.

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